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Business BootCamp™ Series--An entrepreneurial opportunity in learning

Our 4-week Business BootCamp™ training program was created to teach you how to start, develop, finance, and manage your business while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls. You will learn from an experienced professional who has started, owned and managed businesses, She is skilled in key areas of finance, business lending, operations, and marketing. This ensures that you receive practical instruction that is relevant and immediately applicable in the real world.

What you'll learn

There are general business practices that have been proven to be effective. Our program incorporates this knowledge, providing you with the basic training you will need to get started, operate and manage your business efficiently.

Business BootCamp™ Class Series

The program core consists of four workshops. Business Consulting and Technical Assistance services are included extending this program to a full 6 months. These services are offered at no additional fee for 6 months from the start of class. The fee for the full 6-month program is only $395.00.

If you are not interested in taking the whole series, each class is available at a rate of $150 per class. [Individual classes are not available for SEAP applicants.]

Business BootCamp™ Course Outline:

Management and Operations of the Business

  • Introduction to the World of Small Business Ownership
  • Evaluating your personal readiness to start a business
  • Your business idea - products and/or services
  • Time management
  • Your personal budget
  • Importance of good credit and how it affects your business

Government Regulations & Human Resource Management

  • Laws and regulations that affect your business
  • Legal structures
  • Business licensing requirements
  • Intellectual property
  • Law requirement for an employer
  • Company policies and employee manual
  • Terminating employees

The Market and Your Advertising Strategy

  • Understanding and researching your industry
  • Pricing your product/service
  • Research your potential customers
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing and advertising strategies

Finance and Accounting Practices

  • Basic understanding of bookkeeping
  • IRS record keeping requirements
  • How to create and read Financial Statements
  • ​Financing your business

Business Consulting / Coaching and Technical Assistance
As part of your Business BootCamp training, our consulting and technical assistance services are designed to help you develop a successful business. Our professional business consultant is available to consult with you as you work through the course material to discuss your individual business questions. As you progress through the program preparing to establish your business, we will provide general business coaching and consulting that helps you implement the things learned in the class material. This service is provided at no additional cost to you while you are enrolled in the class.

Certificates - Certificates are awarded by the instructor and are based on student’s completion of the course with a completed or good start of a business plan.

Testimonials & Endorsements
"Hey Rebecca,
I cannot overstate how valuable this workshop was for setting up my business. Rebecca is a delight to work with and so knowledgeable. I feel so much more prepared for success after working with her. I have recommended her workshop to all my business owner peers. If you're reading this, don't hesitate - just sign up.It's the best ROI available. Thanks again Rebecca."
Sandy Watchie Stamato

"Thanks. The structure of this class is helping me move along the business path and pushing me along. Still lots to do as this homework assignment has clearly established."

"Thank you very much, Rebecca, for your most generous time & expertise you gave us! And thanks again for giving us knowledge how to proceed with our business options!" - Nancy Cooper (18)

Business BootCamp series


Pay with a debit/credit card
Sign up for the full six month Business BootCamp series.

This includes the 4 modules and addition consulting and technical assistance.

PAYMENT PLAN for the Business BootCamp series:

In the event you wish to pay for each module separately,

  • the first module is $150,
  • second and third modules are $100 each,
  • and the fourth module is $75. (22)

Business BootCamp module 1


Pay with a debit/credit card
First Business BootCamp module is $150.00. (16)

Business BootCamp module 2


Pay with a debit/credit card
Pay for the second module for $100.00. (15)

Business BootCamp module 3


Pay with a debit/credit card
Pay for the third module for $100.00 (14)

Business BootCamp module 4


Pay with a debit/credit card
Pay for the fourth (and last) module - $75.00.

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